• QI-X To Open in Nicaragua

    We are excited to announce our soon-to-be presence in San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua. QI-X is once again entering a terribly underserved market with affordable, ultra high performance surfboards. If you¡¯ve been to San Juan Del Sur and surfed Maderas, Popoyo, Yankee or any of the amazing warm water breaks down there, then you know what an amazing resource the Nicas are sitting on and you know that they need more access to great quality surf tools. We¡¯ll be open January 2008, so if you¡¯re planning a trip to Nicaragua, don¡¯t get stuck with hundreds of dollars in board bag fees just to see your favorite board dented beyond recognition. Get a great price on a QI-X stick while you¡¯re in Nicaragua and get ready for some of the best surfing of your life!

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