• Jimmy Rotherham Joins QI-X Team

    We are proud to announce that Jimmy Rotherham, by all accounts a world class athlete and one of the most distinguished surfers in Latin America, has joined the QI-X team. Even though Jimmy has already had one of the most successful careers in surfing in Latin America, he continues to grace the covers of every conceivable publication in the area and will this year for the first time make himself a serios competitor in the Latin American Surf Association (ALAS) Circuit. On top of his duties as surfer extraordinaire, Jimmy is highly involved in board testing and development for QI-X El Salvador. He has already added touches that only someone with his particular experience and surfing style could contribute and is a guiding force in QI-X Team Riders¡¯ surfboard development.

    We are very happy to have Jimmy as a part of the QI-X family and expect our customers to benefit a ton from what he brings to our team.

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